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FaQ: Rochester Electric

My outlets are not working in my house. What do I do?
First check the circuit breaker in your electrical panel. Some outlets in your house will have a reset button on them. These outlets are usually located in your in your bathroom or in your kitchen. If pushing this button does not work, feel free to contact me.

My circuit breaker or fuses keep tripping.
The most common problem is overloading the circuit. Solution – Remove some of the items on the circuit, or add a new circuit. If you have a fuse panel DO NOT PUT A BIGGER SIZE FUSE IN THE PANEL TO RELIEVE THE PROBLEM THIS CAN CAUSE THE WIREING TO HEAT UP AND CAUSE A FIRE.

How can I change my ungrounded outlets to grounded outlets?
The code allows you to replace the outlet with a GFCI outlet.

When do you need a permit?
When you change or alter the wiring in you house.

Are you licensed?
Yes I am licensed with the state; you can go to the states labor and industry web site to get a list of licensed contractors.